Stands for 'Near Death Experience'. A possibly transforming event that can be triggered when a situation occurs where clinical death is achieved, but consciousness is mainained, followed by a ressurection.

Some common Near Death features include:

- Perceiving own's body from above, and the environment.

- Being pulled towards a light source.

- Flying through a tunnel, and perceiving a light at the end of the tunnel.

- Passing through the end of the tunnel, being envolved by a bright white light, often felt as God.

- Communication with dead relatives, angels and other disembodied entities.

NDEs can be achieved also with the use of Ketamine, the dose mentioned by Dr. Karl Jansen is something between 50 and 100 mg, in IV administration, which is a dangerous thing to do by yourself.
Other common features of NDEs:

-A sense of peace and calm
-A loud noise often described as annoying.
-A very quick movie of events in one's life.
-The perception of a boundary: a fence, mist, or other delineation that is somehow known to be the point of no return.
-Making the decision or being given an imperative (by the bright light, say, or the angels) to return.
-A very quick return of the consciousness to the body, like being snapped back.

Two common characteristics not part of the NDE but rather its aftermath are:

-Little or no fear of death afterward.
-Difficulty finding words to express the profundity of the experience

A friend once told me 'I worry about a group of people who have enough near death experiences to have a TLA for it'.

I suppose that the ongoing set of tales that i brought to our weekly meetings were an indication that from her perspective, I lived my life slightly closer to the edge than she, but the term NDE is not just an indication that I had come close to death but more a flag that had a rapidly diminishing quantity of objective risks all come up with sixes on their dice then conceivably I could not be here to tell the tale.

Coming from a clique of people who live and play outdoors I do have a tendency to tell tales which end with 'later back in the pub, bleeding from both ears...' and so the expression NDE is used to make light of events which 'we' all know could have turned out worse. I guess its an unspoken agreement to live our lives to the fullest and not dwell to much on the past or what might have been because we all know as soon as the mortgage and rugrats grab a hold of your commitment to the lifestyle then for most people it is all over. No more NDE's for you and I think that is a sad thing, as how can you be truly living unless you accept that one day you are going to die.

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