A few myths about the band Rush that deserve naysaying:

Rush does not stand for Rest Under Satan's Hand. This silly rumour started when the cover to 2112 had a flaming pentagram on it and later Archives which had a man facing an upright pentagram. I mean, Rush used to perform in church basements before they broke out ...

Neil Peart (pronounced peeurt, not pert) does not have throat cancer, god bless him, and does not have a Ph.D. in philosophy. He's a real smart cracker, however, and is responsible for the cerebral lyrics that makes all Rush fans feel all smart and proud of themselves for enjoying the music. (Hey, I do ...).

Geddy Lee does not think about baseball during sex to prolong his performance, but he is a big Mets fan.

As a self-professed Rush groupie since 1987, I recommend the band to anyone who likes classic and progressive rock. The musicianship is excellent, the songs are deep and interesting, and the band has a sense of humour (e.g. 50 ft inflatable bunnies in the Presto and Roll the Bones Tours that bounce during Tom Sawyer).