Geddy is the lead singer, bassist and keyboardist (yes, at the same time!) for Rush.

Geddy has a fairly high singing voice, similar to that of Yes' Jon Anderson. Earlier in his career, he sang in the screechy 70s "Hair rock" style, but had to tone it down after a bout with throat cancer.

It is whispered that Geddy's real name is Gary, but Alex Lifeson's Mom, in whose garage they practiced, pronounced it that way.

Some additional follow-up: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson grew up in a small town in Ontario. Alex used to borrow Geddy's guitar amp and they quickly became friends. They decided to make a band and John Rutsey joined as a drummer. They played in Rutsey's basement and his little brother named them Rush. They played some clubs with their Led Zeppelin-sounding rock. Geddy's voice was often compared to Robert Plant's in his early years as a singer. After the recruitment of Neil Peart, Rush's sound began to take a progressive turn and keyboards were added. Geddy started to play keyboards for the album Hemispheres, using Moogs and Mini-Moogs. Later, he used Taurus pedals keyboards which helped to define their sound. Geddy often sings, plays bass, and plays the keyboards with is feet (although these keyboard lines are not too complicated). Geddy is known to play a Rickenbacker bass, lending a bass sound with high treble. His bass lines sometimes mirror Alex's guitar riffs playing but usually follow the drums.

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