So, I just came home from my mom's house. I watched three to tango which I must say, had absolutlely _ZERO_ value other than a few laughs. It sure as hell ain't kevin smith. Anyways so my friends from Hawaii just moved out here and you know, I'm a full time student at UNM and it's like, I go to school all day long and they sit around all day doing basiclly nothing. This doesnt bother me much, but when I come home it's like they expect me to hang out all night and party with them or something. Don't get me wrong, I like to kick back and unwind on the weekends when I have the time. But I just wish that they could respect that I wake up at 7:00 am and dont get home till after 5:00 pm. When I get home I need to do some things and get my "not in school" side of my life in order before I can do anything else. This takes at least an hour sometimes more. So by around 7:00 pm I'm hungry, tired, and I wanna relax. I wish I could find a way to tell them that the way they treat me is very rude and I'm starting to feel Alienated from the group. Adam (the gay sissy man) of the group is cool, but damn, I'm getting really sick of him playing the out card all the time. no one cares and those who do care should die so what's the point in making a deal out of it at all? I guess I dont help, I'm guilty of mocking him a fair bit, but still....
And julia, well.. Julia is one of them cute girls and I'm getting sick of it. I feel I should not say anything bad about her but I cant help but feel she could use a good wake up call. This is not at all to imply that I would be ebtter for her. I know I wouldn't be, but I am her friend, and well, I've done a lot for her. So it disgusts me that for a very long time when I was with my ex-GF in hawaii me and julia got to be really good friends, but then as soon as I was single again she suddenly got very cold towards me. To make matters worse I destroyed things when I confronted her about her boyfriend who we all knew was cheating on her. To this day I contend that what I said was because she's my friend and I care about her. However, she seems to think that I am stalking her now. I should never have given her the $100 to fly out here. Which I suppose makes me wonder if I should just say fuck it and make her pay me back and let her live in her own little world, or should I just let her pay me back whenever, and pretend that we're friends?
Anyways, feeling in a way better and in a way worse but all in all I think it's time I wrap this up and get to bed. For the record, they're all out having fun...I have a 9:30 class tomarrow.
Having a writeup moving good time,