Despite a lingering migraine, a strange skin problem, and later falling down in the middle of a dark road, our nonsignificantly-numbered-month anniversary dinner last night was just marvelous. Village Cafe was super the second time around, we tried the gnocchi (stellar!) and the cannolli (MMM! I'm a big fan of cannolli now!), and talked with the owners for quite a while. Nice people. They gave us baklava to take home, just because they're cool. Frank Sinatra was on the CD player when we came in, and it was Greek folk music by the time we left. Last time it was bombastic Italian opera. Then we walked along the Alameda shoreline in the darkness and looked at the sparkling lights of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. I could see lots of stars overhead---no fog for once. He asked me to run away to Japan with him. I laughed, and kissed him on the nose.

Today I can't seem to get started at work. I do not like working 9 to 5. It's just unnatural. God, I feel sorry for men who are doomed to this life from the day they are born. (I KNOW women are too now, and I KNOW that women who "stay home" do a HELL of a lot of work. Right now it's the deathliness of office jobs that I'm thinking about, though.) I must get my PhD or something. I couldn't do this for very long.
My frustration with work grows and grows. At least it's Friday. Oakland Chinatown Street Fair on Sunday!