The bible-thumping, sign-holding, megaphone-using assasins for Christ were out on campus today. I was attacked by one holding a huge sign who had a small child with her. The child shoved a quarter sheet of paper at me. Out of Habit I said, "Save the tree." (A lot of organizations like to give out flyers on our campus promoting their events. Which is not only a hideous waste of paper, but also a shame because there is no recycling program on campus.) The woman turned around and yelled after me, "We'd rather save your soul." I stopped walking and turned around and looked at her. "I'd rather you do your part in saving the tree." I went on my way to class.

In my first year Sanskrit class we talked about the cosmological significance of some of the concepts we've learned. The Language is tied to some pretty big concepts. There's a lot more to Om then you would think.