My fast has been broken. I spent over an hour making a good pizza; I kneaded dough, I cooked and spiced up sauce until it tasted perfect, I sliced up vegetables and I grated cheese (rennet-free Cabot Monterey Jack). I baked it until it was perfect, with no real sense of urgency. Then I ate it, slowly, with a beer, Magic Hat number 9 (as alcohol assists in digestion). I savored it, which is something people rarely do with food, myself included. I didn't finish it, which is also abnormal, as I tend to overeat. What's more, I felt full, satisfied, and had no urge to eat the last third of the pizza, when normally I could consume a whole pizza plus desert. I had no attraction to the watermelon offered as desert.

I'm full and satisfied. Food hasn't done this to me for a while. I'll fast again if this satisfaction from eating goes away again.