The past week, i feel i have met my node quota, that I feel obligated to the users of to produce in a given month. On Average, I produce three nodes per month, most of them usually in one noding sprint of three or more nodes. If I haven't fufilled my node quota for the month, I am subject to beating myself about the head until I am sufficiently inspired.

In other news, i have decided to post my Christmas wish list here so that my friends, family and anyone kind enough to give knows that i really dont want clothes. E2 Tshirts are an exception of course.

17" Rota SubZero wheels (silver w/ machined lip)
New tires for maxima
Eibach Suspension springs
Tokiko or KYB struts
Front and rear performance swaybars
New or rebuilt trans and clutch
quality car alarm
winter tires
new subwoofer amplifier

$$ for new computer
Road runner for home or DSL
cheap VCR
DVD player

movies on DVD or VHS:

-13th Warrior, The (1999) 
-American Beauty (1999) 
-American History X (1998) 
-Bad Company (2002) 
-Basketball Diaries, The (1995) 
-Belly (1998) 
-Black Hawk Down (2001) 
-Boiler Room (2000) 
-Boyz N the Hood (1991) 
-Bully (2001) 
-Devil's Advocate, The (1997) 
-Falling Down (1993) 
-Fast and the Furious, The (2001) 
-Fight Club (1999) 
-Go (1999) 
-Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) 
-Heat (1995) 
-Insider, The (1999) 
-Kalifornia (1993) 
-Kids (1995) 
-Knockaround Guys (2001) 
-Léon (1994) 
-Limey, The (1999) 
-Rounders (1998) 
-Salton Sea, The (2002) 
-Saving Private Ryan (1998) 
-Score, The (2001) 
-Se7en (1995) 
-Snatch. (2000) 
-Super Troopers (2001) 
-Trainspotting (1996) 
-Transporter, The (2002) 
-Usual Suspects, The (1995) 
-Wild at Heart (1990) 
-Wonder Boys (2000) 
-XXX (2002)

DVD burner for computer
Digital camera
CD burner.
MP3 player 64mb, small in size
modular desk system for home office
$$ for new office chair
music: 8 mile soundtrack

honda CBR, yamaha YZF, ducati Monster motorcycle
joe rocket jacket
gloves, boots



seiko titanium watch. thin. water resist, no gold. simple design
2.4 ghz cordless phone
an answering machine.
panasonic or braun dual or triple head electric wet dry shaver

Columbia River KISS simple folding knife. 3.5 inch.

a beanie for my head. i'm running out of hats.

I'm tired now. going to bed.