1993 movie, starring Michael Douglas, Robert Duval, and Barbara Hershey. Directed by Joel Schumacher.

The basic story is of an ordinary guy, pushed too far by the petty torments of modern life, similar in many ways to Taxi Driver. The opening scene of the movie is Michael Douglas' character, stuck in Los Angeles traffic on the way to work. He gets fed up with it, and abandons his car in traffic to go visit his estranged daughter on her birthday, by walking through Central LA. He encounters unsavory characters ranging from gang members to surly Korean shopkeepers, all of which oppose him in some way (by refusing to make change, for example). He responds by lashing out, generally with weapons, dispensing a sort of strange vigilante justice for the common man.

A good movie. Not uplifting by any means, but very theraputic to see him deal with a lot of the things that piss us off every day. Recommended watching.

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