Tuesday..another day spinning the wheels. Had all good intentions of doing something productive today..yeah, right. Spent the morning waking up, watched a flick on IFC called Mr. Jealousy. Seen it before, but it still makes me cry. Sat there staring afterwards at the surveyors wanted add I had found in the paper. Decided to call, so I went to Smithtown to do so. Feeling a bit peckish, stopped in at Napper Tandys to have lunch. I ended up spending five hours talking to this crazy italian guy, who used to be on Mario Cumos (ex mayor of NYC I think) cabinet. Insane. Sometimes emapthy can be a curse..a certain percentage of older (and I'm 27) people who talk to me are amazed by some of my views and expressions, and won't leave me alone. It's annoying, and somewhat embarrassing. So, as five o'clock rolled in, I figured it was too late to call, so I came home. Tra la la.
When I went to Hartford, sunday, I met a girl at the party who reminded me very much of a certain evil twin of mine..we talked for hours (and her boyfriend seemed none too happy) but whatever. It was cool to connect, I think she's may end up a future addition to the global freak circle. Heard from her tonite via email,that was sweet. Home. Such a concept. Going to Woodstock this weekend, room mate needs to reclaim his linux server from a friend so we can get the ball rolling on our house network. 6 gigs online, via a cable modem. Should have a few pages hosted soon (grin). And yes, we know how to fake a virtual static IP through a cable connection. I can't wait. Distractions from duty, whether it be the eternal search for company, getting lost in my writing or art, or staring at the wall and drooling on the pillow. I wonder why I always shoot myself in the foot. It's even worse to be aware of it and still helpless. Cheers!