Censors' day
Thomas Bowdler was born in 1754 July 11th. His name is the source of the word Bowdlerize.

Other Births

Robert I ("The Bruce") King of Scotland born in 1274

Frederick I, first king of Prussia, was born in 1657

John Wanamaker was born 1838

Blake Clark was born in 1908

Tab Hunter was born in 1931


Ottobuono Feischi elected Pope Adrian V in 1276

First settlement in New Mexico begun (San Juan de los Caballeros), 1598

Michael I crowned the first Romanov Czar of Russia, 1613

Hitler signed a treaty guaranteeing Austria's frontier, 1936

U.S. Air Force Academy opened, 1955


St. Olga died in 969 AD. (Feast day)

Nathaniel Ames died in 1764

Alexander Hamilton is shot and killed by Arron Burr, 1804

James Smith died in 1806

Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III died in 1920

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