'Oh, I see Herman already had breakfast.'

- Punchline famous Dutch joke, referring to a couple of used needles lying on the kitchen table.

Influenced by piano-stompers like Little Richard and Fats Domino, Herman Brood began studying at art school by the time he was 17; one year later education became a secondary concern after he joined a group called the Moans. That band later became Long Tall Ernie & the Shakers before he joined one of the best Dutch blues combos of the '60s, Cuby & the Blizzards. He performed with the band during the rest of the '60s and into the '70s, but then broke off in 1974 to found a group named Stud. The following year's Flash & Dance Band was his first solo album, though the formation of the band Vitesse (with Herman Van Boeyen) in 1975 resulted in a group album as well, In Vitesse.
By 1977, Herman Brood had rounded up another loose backing band, this one known as Wild Romance. The first album with the new band, Street, was followed by Shpritsz one year later. The latter album contained a surprise hit, "Saturday night," which hit the American Top 40 in 1979. His two albums after the success, In a Bad Mood and Go Nutz, were each poorly received by both critics and fans, however. He slowly worked his way back with the more successful LPs Wait a Minute and Modern Times Revive.

Brood moved into acting as well by the mid-'80s, and made several high-profile festival appearances, but then retired from music by the early '90s, though he returned several years later to promote a new compilation as well as a live album.

Brood was famous not as much for his musical career as for his drug addiction, expressive paintings and his sexual adventures. With his unusual looks and his down-to-earth yet childish attitude, he can easily be considered Holland's national hero.

July 11, 2001, Herman Brood committed suicide at the age of 54, by jumping off the roof of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.

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