Well it's been three days since my last writeup... that was back in the good old days of August 25, 2000 when the biggest thing I had to worry about was that damned monkey...

Another normal day, but this time life is very different. I got up, bathed, got the tube and sat there thinking about the events of the weekend. We did indeed go to Local Friends, but it's not going to be easy to go there again. You see we checked out the pub first and only had a couple, but all three of us were quite tipsy by the time we ate. It seemed like a good idea to have the mandarin ribs for a starter, but we neglected to take into account my lovely girlfriend's clumsiness.

On the next table were a perfectly innocent looking Chinese family. A young lady of about my age and her two parents were well into their main course when it happened. My lass was tugging the last bite of pork off her rib when it 'just disappeared'. I thought I had seen something pass me on a rapid, family bound trajectory and my worst fears were confirmed by a shriek from Chinese Girl.

Yes, my lass had managed not just to drop her rib, but to throw it clean across the restaurant and straight into the side of Chinese Girl's delicate, cotton sweater.

Family left shortly afterwards.

The rest of the weekend was just as fun, but not nearly so embarrassing. We had a couple of mates stay on Friday and Saturday nights, drank copious amounts of beer and wine. I got some new games going on my PC as well as sticking a load of stuff onto CDs. We watched two films: Sleepy Hollow and Stigmata. I thought Sleepy Hollow was very poor and Stigmata was ok, but better with the additional opening scene and director's ending. Blah de blah... words words words...

So it would seem that the high point of my three days was when my girlfriend accidentally threw a spare rib at someone in a restaurant. It's not a big thing, but it was funny and I know I'll remember it for many years.

But now I am back at work with another empty day to sit through.