AD&D was different things to different people. For intelligent folks who had an IQ above the number of holes in their underwear and folks who had an imagination it was a release into worlds of heroes and magic, of honor and glory. It allowed high school and college folks to excercise their minds without going berserk.

For folks who didn't fall into the above category, AD&D was obviously the leading cause of demon worship and paganism and must be banished at all costs! Ranking second only to music by Ozzy Osbourne in stepping-stones to dancing the tango with Satan, AD&D clearly distorted the minds of our precious and naive youth.

AD&D and other RPGs are also the cause of such diverse and exciting dice as the Zocchihedron, the 30-sided die, the 20-sided die, and some others that are too bizarre and lewd to mention here.

If you extrapolate this a bit and apply the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture, you'll notice that the major milestones clearly show that AD&D was the major cause of El Nino. The heavy use of die rolling adjusted the angular momentum of the Earth causing a slight weather pattern shift.