Woohoo!@ Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain Los Angeles today. Much fun.

Got there just after it opened, no waiting in line for a ticket. Thankyou AOL-Time-Warner. Went with my girlfriend. Much fun. There is a picture of us http://dipcard.com/?s=6622iawde There. Yes so sue me i payed money for a picture. Whatever. Goliath was fun, the little dinky gold rush one was fun, batman in the dark is fun. The poopy carosel operator closed on us right when we got to the thingy. Grrrrr. Oh well. Viper made my head hurt, the harness was too small, so i kept hitting my head on the god forsaken thing. It hurt for a long, long time. Oh, and the first time i went on Goliath, i completely forgot to hold my breath on the long drop down. It's scary to not have _any_ air in your lungs going down at 85mph. I almost blacked out later in the ride, couldn't catch my breath. Isn't Asthma fun?

On the way back we got in 'n out.