Several Years On--a play in one act

Scene: An office in MI6 headquarters in London. On one wall is a window. On another, a map of Europe. A man, the Director of Operations (Europe), is seated behind a desk. A younger man, Agent K, blonde, in his late 30s or early 40s, sits on the other side. DOO(E): The intelligence is conclusive: we've been infiltrated. We think it's Moscow. AK: Moscow. But how? DOO(E): Dr Vanderbilt suggested we take a Motive Adjustment/Brain Penetration test, to determine whether we've been brainwashed. AK: Vanderbilt! He's a hardliner. But he might be right, MA/BP could be the only way to battle Moscow. They don't yet have our parapsychological capabilities. DOO(E): We don't know how deep the damage goes; the Director-General himself may have been compromised. AK: I once saw a defector being interrogated using MA/BP. [ He jumps up from his chair and goes to stare out the window ] DOO(E): [ Slowly ] Vanderbilt wants you to be tested first. He and the Director-General think your identity may be blown. AK: [ Turns around to him ] What are you saying? DOO(E): Moscow may have tracked you back to when you broke deep cover twelve years ago. AK: Impossible. DOO(E): The publicity at the time... AK: [ Interrupts emphatically ] Yes, the publicity. Remember the headlines? The mourners at my memorial service? The graveside vigil? DOO(E): I'm scheduling you for the MA/BP session immediately. AK: I gave up everything I had for MI6. Even my 'wife' and my 'daughter' still believe I died in that house in Seattle! DOO(E): [ Watches him ] It was deep cover, Agent. AK: It was, wasn't it. DOO(E): You're one of our most valuable operatives. That's why Vanderbilt will be administering the test himself. Even so, a medical team will be standing by in case of...adverse side-effects. [ Pause ] Ever have regrets, Kurt? AK: [ In an odd tone ] No. At least I've never had to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit again.