This is kind of funny actually. Last week I wrote a node stating that I had a midterm on the twenty second of June. Well, as it turns out I got the day wrong, and for some reason I started believing that both my Accounting 210 and my Chemistry 105 midterms were on Tuesday June 27th. I'm notorious for waiting until the last minute, so this time I decided to study hard and study early. I spent the entire weekend studying for both those exams, plus I had a lab assignment to hand in, and the chemistry teacher gave us a test on the Friday before. Well, Tuesday comes around, I hand in the lab assignment before class and I casually quiz my fellow classmates about how well they expect to do on today's exam. Well, guess what? The exam wasn't today. That test she gave us on Friday? that was the midterm. Talk about an easy class!

The other midterm I thought was Tuesday is the Accounting one. I was all ripped to go in and ace it, but I got the day wrong on it too. It turns out to be on Wednesday instead. One whole extra night to study! Plus, the class we had Tues. was so unattended that he decided to just do a review for the midterm instead. Man, I love my life.

The moral of the story is: Buy a day planner. Keep it with you. Write everything down in it. In pencil.