An idea by a researcher at Lucent (formerly Bell Labs) that attempts to capture in digital form the information that simply reading a document adds. By looking at the wear on a book, you can tell how much it's been read - certainly at the resolution&of individual pages, and often finer.

Basically, an automatic means of indicating the interest a link generates, like wear on a library book shows how popular it is. Isn't the readware idea incorporated into the link weighting 'engine' of Everything? If not, some kind of machine manipulable link indicator (like the little WWW icon sometimes used on Web links that take you 'out' of a 'site') might be useful...

Google uses something similar to what raph and paulsc are talking about. But instead of actual views it's links to. Pages that are heavily linked to by other pages have higher scores in their database and show up before less linked to pages. This is just one of the things that makes Google the best search engine out there in my opinion.

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