Lucent Technologies, spun off AT&T in 1996 as one of the largest IPOs ever, took with it the core of AT&T's research, Bell Laboratories. The motivation of this spin-off is that AT&T's competitors did not want to purchase their telecommunication equipment from AT&T, so they decided to form a new company to research, develop and manufactor these devices.

Lucent Technologies is based in Murray Hill, New Jersey at Bell Laboratories. It's slogan is "Bell Labs Innovation", and its logo is a red ring looking like a single stroke of a paint brush (made fun of by the Dilbert comic strip as the "brown ring of quality").

Through the years, Lucent has spun off Avaya (2000), dedicated to enterprise networks, and Agere (2001), formerly Lucent's microelectronics division.

Brief company profile as of October, 2002:

  Employees: 35,000
  Market Capitalization: 2.7 billion USD
  Sales: 15.2 billion USD
  Profit/Loss: (16.5 billion USD)

Lu"cent (?), a. [L. lucens, p. pr. of lucere to shine, fr. lux, lucis, light.]

Shining; bright; resplendent.

" The sun's lucent orb."



© Webster 1913.

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