Private Branch eXchange. It's a telephone switch, like the ones the phone company has at the central office only on a smaller scale. It lets a business (or home,if you're insane) do things like share 4 phone lines among 16 extensions, allowing 4 people to call the outside world at once and the other 12 to call within the PBX if necessary. These things are a pain in the butt to program, because the people who sell you the PBX also want to sell you their programming services.See Merlin Legend.

Plastic Bonded Explosives

PBX is a term applied to a variety of explosive mixtures which have high mechanical strength, good explosive properties, excellent chemical stability, relative insensitivity to shock, and high thermal output.

PBX's contain a high percentage of basic explosives such as RDX, HMX, HNS, or PETN mixed with a polymeric binder. The following PBX's are currently used for military purposes:

PBX Type I








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