PETN or Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate is an explosive used in a variety of military and civilian applications. It's primarily found in Primacord, an explosive fuse that looks like clothesline. PETN is not very shock sensitive, and is usually detonated by an explosive blasting cap. Traces of PETN were supposedly found on pieces of TWA flight 800, leading some to suspect that the plane was brought down with a bomb.

PETN is also used as a vasodilator to treat people who have chest pain. It's usually mixed with lactose.

PETN, molecular formula C5H8N4O12. Ideal detonation velocity 8300 ms-1 at a density of 1773 Kgm-3.

PETN is a very brisant explosive with a wide range of uses in both the military and civilian domain.

PETN is used in detcord (primacord) and is also produced as a sheet explosive, useful for hardening, welding and shaping metals.

Brand names under which PETN is sold as a vasodilator include Vasodiatol, Metranil, and Cardiacap.

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