Now a generic term for artificial turf, a vile invention designed to replace grass sports fields. AstroTurf was a brand name for an early artificial surface, first used in the Houston Astrodome (the first indoor football/baseball stadium) when the newly-painted roof made it difficult to maintain its grass surface. The original clear (or slightly translucent?) roof made it hard to see fly balls in the daytime. Sunlight is a two-edged sword.

The source of more knee injuries than can possibly be imagined. Players unfortunate enough to play on astroturf can look forward to shortened careers, turf toe, and for baseball players 140oF gametime ground temperatures.

ESPN has a commercial running right now in support of a constitutional amendment banning astroturf.

Update 2001/10/15 (Thanks to VT Hawkeye for pointing out this scene is a reenactment of a scene from Bull Durham.

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