This is a song by Ween, from the album God Ween Satan: The Oneness.

This is Ween's attempt to sing in the Latin style, and they actually succeed. However, the Spanish in this song obviously isn't real, most of it's made up and what Spanish there is in there doesn't make much sense.

There are three verses, usually: The "El Camino" verse (where they extol the virtues of the car of the same name), the "Toronado" verse (more of the same, for Toronado), and the "Cordoba" verse ("Oh she takes me to the moon!"). There is another version of this song where the "El Camino" and "Toronado" verses are the same but the "Cordoba" verse is replaced by a "Monte Carlo" verse, and this appears to only appear when the song is played live. Also, there is shouting of "cuando" at the end, which is accompanied by mexican guitar until they get sick of it and start ranting into a very weird machine, words i can't make out. The song seems to end, and then starts up again, grander than before. It is not unusual for Ween to "end" a song and then start it up again.

This song is © 1990 by Ween, Twin/Tone records.

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