Today's thought for the day:
Where have all the cowboys gone? And did they take Jeff Magnus with them?

I miss the snapshot, where is Jeff? And no, I never did get my picture taken with you all. I'm so bummed. I worry that I will now never get the chance! Come back Jeff! Please! I need my statistical fix!

As self-predicted, my job situation is a complete mess as a result of me getting a new job. I kid you not, I was offered a kickass substitute teaching position that has the potential of lasting several weeks in the music department with a gorgeous supporting teacher, making $87/day to teach three classes and what happens? I accept the position only to come home and on whim answer the phone, which I NEVER do - always let the machine get it, and who is on the phone? A man calling about that job in Rochester. I still want the job but it's just wacky that it took him so long to call and when he finally did it was only after I had found something cool here. But that's OK. I am worried though that I did not make a good impression. I wonder if he has the idea that I am only interested in this job because of the free RIT classes. That is a big reason but it's not hte only one. Really, it's not. But it is HUGE!

So in review, three good things happened to me today. I may have scored a cool job for the next few weeks, I may have a chance at this Rochester job and I met a really nice music teacher! yeah baby! Oh and a third thing that was cool - I found ten dollars in my jeans today! Woohoo! Wouldn't it be awful if all of these things didn't work out? If I didn't get the teaching job, didn't get the Rochester job, and didn't get to know the cutie pie teacher? Wow, I really know how to prepare myself to death! Literally!