Just one very disturbing dream. I dreamt that the girl I want to be my girlfriend was going out with another guy at school. He wasn't a nice guy either. I saw her sitting on the bus with him, and talking with him. Then they kissed and that was not a good thing.

He was bad guy. Why did she have to go out with the bad boy and not the nice guy. I wanted to stop her from going out with him, but when I had a chance to talk to her, he showed up. I felt so bad. This is all arose after my original plan of forgetting her.

When I woke up I felt even worse and very nervous that maybe she was going out with someone else. I made the dream real and that's what made it bad. I then sort of figured, I want to forget her anyways so what does it matter, but it still hurt to imagine her going out with another guy. I guess maybe it wasn't meant to be.