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Dream Log: August 9, 2000
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I am David Fagan, I am legally an adult, whether I feel like it or not. If you want to know more then you will find out how to get more below. I used Everything the first day it was released, and I created one node, Metallica. Shall my name be on that node forever. Everything didn't interest me again until today(July 18, 2000). I was surprised what people wrote on here. What they are writing is similiar to my website, Please visit, I don't get too many visitors.

I don't write on there what I want to though. I know who reads it, and if they read what I want to write I might scare them off. That's the funny thing that these girls do to you. When they don't exactly feel the same way as you do about them, they make you do strange things, like not let them know how you really feel. I fear that if I am totally honest then she'll just get scared away. Why can't she be confident enough that a relationship she is in could work. I mean, I've never even been in a relationship with anyone. I just want to tell her you wouldn't know it, but i think you're achingly beautiful.

Oh well, visit my website, laugh at the content, and then e-mail me when you are finished.