Radio station (101.9 on the fm dial, best heard in cars or with radios hooked up to cable) of the University of British Columbia, located in the upstairs of its Student Union Building. Run by students and volunteers and despite being conceived initially as Thunderbird Radio for coverage of college sports events, it (like most university radio stations) is presently a great place to hear music and other sounds which you wouldn't hear elewhere on top-40 commercial radio - or things that you might hear there in nine months. CiTR puts out DiSCORDER, Vancouver's (and arguably the Pacific Northwest's) best music monthly magazine, and hosts SHiNDiG, an annual "battle of the bands."

Perhaps most famous of anything that has gone into or come out of CiTR is Nardwuar the Human Serviette, media personality and frontman of multiple bands.

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