This new obsession is ever growing.... mailed out a money order today for an ebay-won copy of Diskomo 2000 (only 6.50 with shipping, somehow! Must be vastly easier to find than the rest of their material...). My copy of Duck Stab finally got here (16 bucks-ish on amazon marketplace) today as well... a number of unwitting victims have been exposed to portions or the entirety of Icky Flix since I bought it on Friday, and Meet the Residents has enjoyed heavy rotation in my car since its own purchase earlier last week...

I couldn't see any point, of course, in having my mother listen to that one. But she's always enjoyed early Beatles, so I at least had to show her the infamous cover...invoking some comment along the lines of "Paul got the worst of it."

Sometimes one of my co-workers gets into a few minutes' session of asking people who are around if they're familiar with any of this wonderful creative music....but still, even thirty-three years after the debut album, no one knows who the fuck they are. In more ways than one.

Correction. The man who owns the little music shop I went to seems to know a bit about their material, but well, I would hope so in that business. Not just the business of selling various forms of music, but in your own store, new and used, t-shirts, posters, stickers, buttons, the whole know the kind of place I speak of...the ones that locate themselves in some kind of strip mall, so the people you are with can wander into another store when they get bored with watching you look through everything and return an hour later asking if you're "almost done..."