A DVD by The Residents:
It was stated by The Residents that on the start of the new millennium someone suggested that they should compile their award winning videos. They laughed and protested... Mr. Skull even said that he would prefer to eat dog poo and die, but suddenly, Mr. Blue remembered that with the DVD the band could re-record the entire soundtrack and people would be able to choose between their favorite one, so they decided to do it.

In the process they found a way of bringing some more of their infinite rarity items, like 4 never seen videos, new video versions and the all time first Resident's video. So, in over 100 minutes, we get: The Third Reich 'N' Roll, Constantinople, One Minute Movies, Kick A Picnic, Songs For Swinging Larvae, He Also Serves, This Is A Man's Man's Man's World, Harry The Head, The Gingerbread Man, Jelly Jack The Boneless Boy, Just For You, Stars And Stripes Forever, Where is She?, Burn Baby Burn, Hello Skinny, Bad Day On The Midway and Vileness Fats in glorious 17 minutes 38 seconds.

A CD by The Residents:
It is without the surround sound of the DVD but it is a collection of one of the greatest pop bands in history, presenting the new versions for several videos on the DVD and other historic tracks: The Third Reich 'N' Roll, Kick A Picnic, Songs For Swinging Larvae, The Gingerbread Man, Just For You, Bad Day On The Midway and 7 scenes of Vileness Fats.

Sometime ago, about the Icky Flix tour that The Residents are doing in Europe, a friend of mine said that they were dinosaurs that no one would be interested in seeing live anymore... I think that this DVD and CD edition prove he was wrong.

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