She never locked her doors, literally and figuratively. This seems impossible; most of us can’t see past wanting our own privacy to let just anyone in.

Anyone could just walk through her door whenever they smelled her cooking or heard an especially tantalizing piece of music playing from somewhere inside. There was never anything that she was afraid of letting in, never afraid of losing anything.

She was never worried about giving away too much of her heart. Miss Dunn was never afraid of anything that could possibly hurt her, which by most would be seen as enviable, brave. This brazen courage, if you can even call it that, was stupid.

The human race spent ages building and perfecting the wall and developing its purposes. She, for reasons no one will ever know, never wanted these walls, even minimally.

She never locked the door at night, never locked away her heart or mind.

She never thought twice about it, until a man she had eaten dinner with the previous week permanently opened her heart by slicing it open.

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