It's bloody dificult to think of a good birthday present for your father, especially as you don't want to get him the same thing as last year, or the year before. And now I'm almost 26, that's a lot of no-repeats.

So I've created this node for totally selfish reasons: I have no idea what to get my dad for his birthday, and it's on June 7th. That's in just over a week. I'm sure many of you have this problem too, so I thought: why not make use of Everything2? So I'm going to start a list of possible presents for fathers. These are of no use to me (I've used them up, or they are unsuitable). Hopefully they might be of use to you. And hopefully you will add some on, so that by next week, I will have found a present to buy my dad.

Well, here goes:

  • Books - reading books or hobby books
  • CDs - try to improve your dad's musical taste
  • Ties - almost all fathers have a bunch of old ties they still use
  • A Coffee Set - my dad is the master of Turkish coffee (or black coffee, if you don't know what Turkish coffee is) - I bought him an authentic Arab Coffee Set last year.
  • Clothes - so hard to buy for anyone, especially for older people.
  • Toolkit - it has to be that kind of father
  • Sports gear - depending on how much your dad's into sports. Stuff like a new Tennis racket, etc. My girlfriend bought her dad a dartboard for his workplace. That's a great present, but only for certain workplaces.
  • Pens - yuck!
  • Cufflinks - what the hell are they, anyway?
  • A vacation - a bit expensive for me, but a friend of my dad's was taken to Budapest by his son for his birthday. Now that's a great present!
  • Artwork - statues,paintings etc. Its hard to know exactly what he likes, unless he tells you specifically he likes something.

Well, that's all I could come up with. And I can't use them. So please add some more (but not just one liners - they clog up the database. If you have just one, /msg me and I'll add it.)

Oh, and someone please make a Birthday Presents For Mothers before October 13th. :)

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