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More of an ideal than one actual thing, Project Blowed is the record label started by hip-hop's A-Team (Aceyalone and Abstract Rude of Los Angeles). Aceyalone's sophmore solo album, A Book of Human Language, was released under this label.

Project Blowed is also a groundbreaking album from 1995, a compilation featuring the A-Team as well as many artists from the L.A. underground. Until its recent 1999 re-release, Project Blowed has been a difficult album to find, but now you can buy it from almost anywhere. This experimental album opened a lot of eyes to the skills of the West Coast underground hip-hop movement, and only now is it getting a wider audience, as the average hip-hop listener's expectations and listening skills are gradually rising.

Finally, Project Blowed is also a workshop run in L.A. by Prof. Ben Caldwell, founded in 1994 by Aceyalone and Abstract Rude. It is out of this workshop that the Project Blowed compilation was developed. This workshop is a combination open mike/video production class. The open mike session is split into three sections. The first section is pure freestyle, the second section are planned performaces followed by constructive criticism from the audience, and the third section consists of freestyle battles between emcees. The purpose of this workshop is to help urban youth develop their artistic talents, gain critical feedback on performances, and learn how to market their work. You can learn (a little) more on the CalARTs website: