Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part VII
06.04.01 :: 18:17

started class today. i like the professor already; she's a short southern italian woman with an excellent sense of humour. in addition to which, she gave us fridays off. i'm thrilled. i neither have werk nor class on fridays now.

i tried to make two phone calls this evening, but failed to reach both people i wanted to talk to. i left a message for one, but i chickened out oun the second; i don't think his housemate likes me, and i don't want to start a fight.

on the brighter side, i went to see the podiatrist today, and got my new arch supports. i can walk again! it's a great feeling not to be limping like a clubfooted hunchback. on the downside, i cursed about having to get my shoes reheeled, and promptly sprained my ankle. back to the old drawing board...

more updates as things occur. i promise :)