Far were an "emocore" band hailing from Sacramento, California. I have yet to hear the term emocore applied to any other band or artist. They released three albums between 1994 and 1998.

Far consisted of:
Jonah Matranga - Vocals
Shaun Lopez - Guitar
Malcom Keefe - Bass (1991-1993)
John Gutenberger - Bass (1993-1999)
Chris Robyn - Drums

Far was formed in 1991 when guitarist Shaun Lopez's hardcore band Inner Strength broke up. Shaun then teamed up with his highschool friend Chris Robyn (drums) and not long after, they found Malcom Keefe (bass) and Jonah Matranga (vocals). Thus was Far born.

In 1994, Far, who were already growing popular in the Sacramento area, recorded their first LP, Quick, which sold 5,000 copies. Following the release of Quick, Far put out In The Aisle, Yelling, a four song tape.

Far signed with Immortal Records in 1996 and released Tin Cans With Strings To You, further increasing their fanbase. In 1998, they released Water & Solutions, which marked a drastic change in the band stylistically, making use of melodies which conjure emotions rather than screams of catharsis. Although Water & Solutions differed from the ablums prior to it almost to the point of unrecognizability, I still consider this record to be the quintessential Far CD, as it also sets the stage for some of Jonah Matranga's post-Far work, such as Onelinedrawing and the sadly short-lived New End Original.

Other tidbits which may be of interest:
Former Far frontman Jonah Matranga is (last I talked to him) fairly close friends with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, having collaborated on a number of B-Sides and rares such as Sade's "No Ordinary Love", Jawbox's "Savory", and an acoustic cover of the Deftones own "Be Quiet And Drive".