One of my all-time favorite lines, which is said by Gollum in Tolkien's excellent novel The Hobbit.

This is also perhaps a favorite saying for those of us, including myself, whom are quiet, secretive, hermit-like geeks that live in dark, cool rooms all day, and only come out late at night to feed or mate (well, okay, maybe just to feed...).

Living in Texas as I do, the quote becomes a far more powerful line, and so apt as well. It holds real truth here. It is not an uncommon line to be heard in our house, usually screamed by me as I fall, half-blind, through the door, body a massive 3rd degree burn, and smoking. There are reasons why pale, fragile creatures like me do not go out in the middle of the day during a Texas summer.

The rest of the quote would be "Go back to your dank cave and guard your precious." This also works for us day-fearing geeks as well. My room makes such a wondrous cave, complete with long, dangerous, razor-sharp stalactites which stand ready to impale any non-believers that dare to enter my lair. It also has a nice, cool atmosphere that I bask in, though it does potentially cause problems when my tongue freezes to my glass of ice, which was formerly my glass of water...

I guard my precious well. It is my sweet precious. My lovely preciousss... My precious beckons me from the darkest corner of my cave, its glow calmly displaying the wonder that is E2. Precious, sweet preciousssss..

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