Strange phone conversation a few hours ago. I don't usually daylog, but I wanted to record this at least for myself, and anywhere else wouldn't really be For The Ages.

He's a friend, not one I've seen in a while. Always rather prone to mood-swings, lately he's seemed to be either happy as hell or too depressed to leave the house.
"Hey, how's things?"
"Hmmph. I've got the moody reds."
"Don't know them."
"What? Oh. It's like when you're annoyed, but you don't know why. And it's pissing down outside."
"Yeah, but it was really sunny on Sunday."
"Well it's always either really really fucking great, or really really fucking shit."
I couldn't work out if he was still talking about the weather. I didn't know what to say; three hours later I still don't. I just quickly changed the topic, and found myself wanting the phonecall to end. The words Bipolar Disorder were rattling around my mind, although I'm certain my perception of it is far worse than the reality.

For whatever reason, it's left me feeling awful.