I have been having a lot of long, memorable dreams lately.

I am in my school's library (one of two in the dream) with some friends. I am sitting at a table with a few friends, particulary next to Ben, who happens to be reading a book about artwork in Angola. I am discussing artistic concepts with him (Supposedly, Manet was more famous in China for his Fauvist works, despite that Fauvism wasn't even popular in his time?) only my voice seems to be fluctuating in tone and volume and the librarian, a woman that neither of us is fond of, sitting at a table nearby, becomes angry with me and tells me to shut up.

Suddenly, I speak up and tell her that if I were talking any lower, Ben would not be able to hear me, so therefore, I will not shut up. Her facial expression in reaction to this was priceless.

"I can't believe you're actually saying this to me," she said.

So in bitter irony (or perhaps not), I staged a rebellion of silence. I seemed more angry at Ben than anyone else though, and I'm not sure why.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked me.

"Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm," I replied in a series of close-mouthed mumbles.

I walked out of the library in anger, and as I did, the theme song from the cancelled Nickelodeon television series, Guts, began to play. It was cruel and embarrassing to me, because I knew the music was only mocking my anger by overdramatizing my ire.

I look in the window of the library for some time, hoping Ben or any of my friends will follow me out, but it appears that they are staying. Ben yawns finally, and the entire group of people (friends unfamiliar to me) follow him out. In my mind, I believe that I am responsible for this and that I have really influenced their opinions about the stupid library policy.

Now, Ben and I are walking near the school in this new area that has been built, some sort of residential development and a friend of mine is there trying to persuade me into buying a house from him. But I'm ignoring him and speaking with Ben. We're talking about what happened in the library. He occasionally gives me a quirky look that denotes he is confused about the discussion.

We go into another library that is in the exact same location as the other library only it has all these rocking chairs in it and is sans bitchy librarian. We sit down in a couple of rocking chairs in a middle row, but the girl in front of us turns and leers at us and I notice this little icon in the bottom right corner of my dream-o-vision (as if my dream were being viewed on a television screen) that looks like a coat of arms and I know that we are on gang territory and I suggest we move to the next row of rocking chairs. I think we are both moving up, but then I turn around and he is still in the row behind me, only now he has two girls with him, one on each arm.

One is a girl he has confessed to being attracted to (in "real" life) and the other is the same black girl who had just threatened us with her gang coat of arms. He is Ben the Player in the dream, and has this annoying chauvanist view on the female sex that involves him making these loud, stocky laughs and the girls having this dainty sexual nature to them. They looked as if they may just crumble if he squeeze them any harder. In fact, with the expression on his face, I was expecting to see a monacle and a stovepipe hat.

I stormed out of the library in anger (again!) only this time he followed me. He managed to grab my hand as I exited and stopped me. I brooded. Everything he said incensed me more. Then he said something that just took me by surprise.

"Rebekah is just there for the sex. Why, I've knocked her up four times already and I don't have to pay child support because she's too stupid to ask! With that lack of responsibility, who could resist the urge?!" or something like that.

I turned to run again. He kissed me and then tripped me. I said, "What a jerk," as I stood up and ran again. He pulled me back again, blindfolded me and threw me in his car (something he only had in the dream) which was this large decorative van owned by a pawn shop near the city with a bunch of faux oversized jewelery cemented onto it. He kissed me again. Only somehow this was different and I got over the library incident and the dream ended.