Well, the Aggies nearly pulled off a huge upset of the OU sooners. Too bad they caught that nasty interception in the 4th quarter and turned it into a TD. OU took the lead and we missed a chance to score with about 2:00 left. That would have been cool, beating the #1 team. Oh weel, it was still a good game.

Been doing a little urban exploring around campus. There's some cool stuff around here if you're into sneaking into basements and roofs and boiler rooms. I have a good method for getting on top of the chemistry building, but I'm not going up there in daylight. Now I need to figure out how to get into the building after dark. We have a massive system of steam tunnels here too, but I'm not real keen on going down there.

I think I finally beat those nasty lines on the screen; I hacked a radio shack 486 cooler onto the voodoo chip, and I haven't seen a line since. I'll try it with the highwind's case closed later, once I'm sure the thing isn't going to fall off and land on my NIC or sound card. Damn, accelerated GLX is cool, I have wicked quick framerates in XMMS plugins, and the 3D screensavers.