Also an action/comedy movie from Hong Kong released in 2001.


"I want sexual relations!"

King Chan, Queen Chan and Jack Shum are a group of private eyes known as the BAD BOYS. When we first meet them they are blowing a wedding in Thailand for a client to get his girlfriend back.

After a successful job on the flight back to Hong Kong, King woos a flight attendant with his 'special deck' of tarot cards. Jack and Queen make fun of him for trying to woo every woman he sees.

He continues this trend while they are on a job where he woos the organist at a church. Later, at a nightclub he is out with the organist he met as well as Queen and Jack, when he falls for the female DJ, but much to his horror, the flight attendant turns up and he is forced to do some fancy manoeuvring.

Also at the night club a Japanese dude with white hair (we never learn his name), is talking to a businessman who he then introduces to a woman called Eleven. This woman catches King's eye, but he is too busy with the DJ to care.

A few days later, a man meets with the Bad Boys who wants their help to find his girlfriend named Shadow. She has been missing for 14 months. Something that comes as a surprise for King is that she looks a lot like a woman he saw at the nightclub. As the man has not been working since his girlfriend disappeared he doesn't have any money. Jack and King don't want the case, but Queen convinces them to consider it.

Not long after a rich businessman in Taiwan requests their help in finding a former lover who also bears a striking resemblance to Shadow and the woman King saw in the night club.

After losing a game of Chinese Chequers, Jack and Queen go looking for the Taiwanese businessman's former lover while King stays in Hong Kong to look for Shadow.

As he thinks the woman in the nightclub is Shadow, he trails the white haired Japanese Dude (WHJD from now on), who as it turns out, is on the trail of Eleven. He rescues her just before she is captured and calls Shadow's boyfriend, who quickly tells him she is not his girlfriend. This pleases King no end as Eleven is very curious and wants to kiss all the time.

However, all is not what it seems. Eleven can only remember that she is a human and is half Japanese and half Chinese. WHJD is on their trail as he wants to get Eleven back to gain the approval of Mr X and Queen and Jack are having their own problems.

I liked this movie as it was a different take on the action/cop style film and it had some interesting characters. The stand out of the movie has to be Hsu Chi as she plays three characters, but I also liked Queen Chan because she stood out as a strong character in her own right against the two male leads (and she managed to do this without removing the Chupa Chup she was sucking in every scene).

There are also some good action sequences in this film, mostly involving men in black masks and WHJD (see the movie for a better explanation).

Rating : 8/10