Hsu Chi was born in Taiwan on April 16, 1976. The 5'06" model actress made a name for herself as a model, of both the conventional and nude type, in Taiwan before starting to make movies in the thriving South-East Asia film production scene.

She first gained attention in the film Sex and Zen, but rocketed to the forefront of the Taiwan movie scene with the film Viva Erotica, for which she won the Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at the 1997 Hong Kong Film Awards. Many here might know her from her co-starring role in the 1999 Jackie Chan film Gorgeous.

Much like her frequent comparison, Sharon Stone, Miss Chi has moved from doing sexually explicit roles to the more serious roles provided by the Hong Kong industry. Although she has yet to make a Hollywood movie, her broad fan base in Asia makes the prospect likely.

A partial Filmography include:

You Ling Ren Jian (aka) (2001)
Jue Se Shen Tou (aka) (2001)
Born To Be the King (2000)
The First Intimate Contact (2000)
Metade Fumaca (1999)
Gorgeous (1999)
My Loving Troube 7 (1999)
The Island Tales (1999)
A Man Called Hero (1999)
Portland Street Blues (1998)
Viva Erotica (1997)

And many more...

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