I was at a lecture in a classroom that must be a memory from when I was visiting a school in Italy, cause it looked just like it. The teacher had this really cool experiment, where he could make our faces glow yellow if he first put water in em with a spray-gun and then stuck this chemical onto it. A guy from my high school (I'm not even in high school anymore) class, Simon, had stolen some high concentration pill-like things with the chemical in it, and passed them around. I got myself a whole bottle.

Now I was in a forest, just outside a cave, with my brothers and sister. I don't know why, but I decided to make fun of them, and put a whole handful of the pills in my face and ran at them screaming bloody murder. They were scared as hell, naturally. Then it began to be painful and I fell to the ground, trying to get the pills off my glowing face. They kind-of stuck and I could feel my skin peel off. It hurt like nothing I've tried.

Inside the cave, there were these old egyptian artifacts. For some reason, I thought I was the first ever to discover these, even though they were all in wooden crates. I opened one, and it was a little music box, with small figures. In the bottom was 3 drawers, each with their own melody. Amazingly cool. I dropped it and broke it, though...

Finally, I was at a classmates house (it was different, of course), where there was some kind of party. I was noisy, and suddenly I started kicking everybody's collective ass. I'm not sure why, but they flew around. This guy went at me with a match, but I forced his hand into a stack of newspapers, and when they caught fire, I held him firmly into the flames until he died.

Then I went to sleep and woke up.

See July 6, 2001 for analysis of this dream.