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September only has 30 days? Wow.

10:15 AM EST -- I'm the exception

Shortly after I awoke, someone knocked on the door. Who else would it be this early on a Saturday than a bunch of people spreading religion? Oddly, they weren't Jehova's Witnesses, they were Christians (Which explained why they didn't take an hour of my time... either that, or the fact that I answered in my robe).

There's one thing I don't tell people very often online, but I AM a Christian (A fact I didn't reveal to these people, either). And all this time I felt that the stereotypes you people give to Christians were a tad unfair. But then, today, right then, it struck me: I MUST BE THE EXCEPTION. I'm a moderate (Not conservative, and at times, very liberal), I'm a geek, I believe in science, and I don't go out regularly trying to convert people. I'm the different one here.

This shocked me so much, I sat back down and continued where I left off yesterday with the backups and did a full system diagnostic.

2:00 PM EST -- Hell. Or work.

Went to work. Realized that next time, I'll bring the removable face for the new radio.

NEAT NEWS: Just yesterday, I was informed by my cousin (That's the term I'm using. The same one I talked to on Sunday) that CompUSA is hiring. Time to investigate.

NEW NODES TODAY: unnecessary vocal variation