Physics test... Boring presentation in German... nah, that much doesn't matter much to me, but this does...

12:30 AM EST (Well, technically tomorrow) -- Perl is my friend

A few days ago, my bro approached me with a request to make a Perl script to maintain one of the .inc (include) files for a TI-83 ASM program he was making.

Today, I finished it. Quite possibly the largest programming undertaking I have done yet. I am proud. I now know the true value of caffeine. I'd node the script, but it's a bit useless without the context of PaSTE's program. It'd just be NFN. My fault.

Later, if my bro approves of the damn thing, I might turn it into a web script... combine it with a Linux Z80 compiler, and I'll have one powerful program on my hands. I'm happy.

I'm so happy, I'm not gonna daylog anything else for today.