'Twas quite the day off work. Having finally finished everything I consider important in the Net-HOWTO, I do believe tomorrow, I'll be ready to experiment with creating a LAN. Fighting Windoze boxen with LAN information... that'll be an adventure. Why isn't there a dhcp-HOWTO?

The second NIC is neatly in the penguin, and it seems to be taking well. I haven't shot any info out it yet, but that'll come later. God, I HOPE I know all I need to in order to get this working. Now I'm getting delusions of hosting LAN parties. Someone stop me. I'm so close to achieving the network I've wanted for months...

In recent days, I have witnessed two amazing feats of hi-lo useage at Meijer... yesterday, on the job, I saw a hi-lo driver flip a penny off the ground onto the lifting forks using the forks themselves. Quite a skilled, though useless, amazing feat. Then, today, while waiting in line as a plebian customer, I saw someone bash an entire stack of Bottle Return bin tops against the vent system using the hi-lo. Wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have the thing lifted so high. Quite an amazingly silly feat.

Ever try a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell? Do so. You'll thank yourself later.

ADDED TO THE MP3 PLAYLIST TODAY: Rock Me Amadaeus, Falco; Spam, "Weird Al" Yankovic