Things happen when my brother visits. A few years ago his visit was the falling domino that led to a logical sequence of events. Those events have played a major role in shaping the world I live in now.

He arrived on Thursday bearing a hold-all. On Saturday morning we excitedly dashed to South Park to witness the Radiohead extravaganza. The Rock of Travolta played the biggest gig of their career as the first support band. Sigur Ros wailed, Supergrass rocked and Beck warbled.

It was during a long wait for crepes that the space-time continuum threw up an anomaly. There she was, queueing nearby. She was with another guy and her hair was curled like it was when I saw her last. Was it really her? Or a doppelganger? I didn't say hello. I prefer to let that alternate universe play itself out uninterrupted.

Radiohead played a blistering two hour set. Thom cajoled the audience to greater fervour. During the encore, when the heavens opened, they blessed us with a stunning rendition of their hit 'Creep'.

Thousands poured out of the park and a couple of hours later the sodden streets of Oxford sank into quietness once more.