PAL also stands for Police Athletic League. PAL tries to give youths something fun (and legal) to do, especially in high-crime areas. PAL tries to reach kids while they're young, and keep them "off the streets", but instead on the baseball fields or bowling alleys, etc.

In addition, PAL is usually run by the police department and tries to instill a sense of friendship between the cops and the community youth. This is especially important in areas where there's animosity between the community and the police and/or a natural fear/dislike of cops.

PAL was formed in the 1910s in New York City. While it's usually local in nature, there's a National Association of Police Athletic Leagues (NAPAL) based on North Palm Beach, Florida.

From the NAPAL website:

"The concept of PAL is to provide programs for inner-city youth. PAL is a statement to these young people, especially those from the inner-city areas, that the community cares about them. PAL uses sports programs, mentor programs, and family help programs to keep children and families involved in a pro-active situation where law enforcement officers and volunteers work together displaying a positive image through good roll models."