Console game creators are frustrated by the plethora of TV standards around the world. Since most games consoles plug into TVs, the video standards used by those televisions can have serious consequences. Two of the most common standards are PAL and NTSC.

PAL is used in Europe,The Middle-East, Australia and most of Africa, however NTSC is used all over the USA, also in Japan, Canada and Latain America.

Most English Language games are initially developed for a US market. The USA is the largest English speaking country. Naturally, all American releases are deisigned for NTSC screens.

In order to take a US game to Europe the game's graphics must be modified to account for the diferent resolutions and refresh rates of the two systems.

Since the images for the PAL version have to be more complex, and the screen refresh rate is lower; converting graphically complex games can be tricky. The software must work harder to produce a more detailed image without flickering or slowing down.

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