A character on the TV show "King of the Hill". He's one of Hank Hill's friends.

He's bald, fat and lonely. He carried a torch for his ex-wife Lenore for many years, though they had been divorced for many years (she left him in 1991) and had been married for only one, and she made his life miserable. He also harbors a crush on Peggy Hill, though she finds him repulsive. He briefly dated former Texas governor Ann Richards, but it didn't work out because Lenore tried take him back. He's also been romantically linked to Kahn's mother Laoma.

In his youth, he was on the football team at Arlen High, where he was known as "The Billdozer". He dropped out of high school during his senior year to join the army but did not serve in Vietnam, since the war ended a few months before he joined.

He sounds like Jimmy James from NewsRadio because they're both played by Stephen Root.