The following are the attitudes of those who roleplay the alignments in Dungeons & Dragons:
  • Lawful Good: A Lawful Good person believes in strict law and order for the greater good. They believe conformity and structure breeds good and such should be implemented everywhere. They often go out of their way to aid those in need, stop lawbreakers and usurp evil-doers. Ex. A paladin.

  • Neutral Good: A Neutral Good person is commited to good, but is commited to neither law nor chaos. A Neutral Good person judges the situation and acts accordingly; if law is favourable it shall be chosen, if chaos is favourable it shall be chosen. Neutral good people still endeavour to help others, but perhaps not as much as a lawful good person. Ex. A social worker

  • Chaotic Good: A Chaotic Good person believes strongly in creativity, personal freedom and change. They despise being ordered and dislike law and structure. They believe that chaos is for the greater good, and try to help others any way they can. Ex. An upstanding democrat

  • Lawful Neutral: While they prefer the company of good over evil, Lawful Neutral people are not commited to good nor evil for themselves. They do, however, believe that law is an important aspect in life, and prefer to live in structure and conformity to further their own agenda. While they will not intervene in most cases, they cannot tolerate lawlessness and as such despise thieves and criminals. Ex. Police

  • True Neutral: A Neutral person does not believe that law, chaos, good nor evil will further their agenda in any way, and as such they commit to neutrality itself rather than to any aspect. Some who do so are simply tired od the politics in law, chaos, good and evil, while others take a more philosophical approach to the alignment. Ex. A Philosopher

  • Chaotic Neutral: These people are completely free-willed, doing whatever they please. They do not commit to good nor evil, but strongly believe in personal freedom, and are often anti-law, despising law officers and structure. These people are basically out to get their own. Ex. A common thief

  • Lawful Evil: These people adhere by tradition and law but would much sooner walk over a weak pauper than give him any money or heed him any attention, and will kill law breakers, or people that get in their way, without a second thought. Not as dangerous as the other Evil alignments, however, as they are somewhat open to good acts. e.g. Might rescue a person from death should they have a 3 lb. diamond on a necklace. Ex. The Mafia.

  • Neutral Evil: This is a dangerous alignment, generally reserved for NPC's due to the fact they cannot work in a party easily (although I avidly enjoy playing the alignment for both the freedom of activity and the challenge of making it work in a party). These people will ignore laws, if it suits them, or use law if it is to their advantage. They kill freely if there is personal gain involved, but do not share the lust for murder that Chaotic Evil alignments have. Ex. A ruthless Criminal

  • Chaotic Evil: The most dangerous alignment, also generally reserved for NPC's (I really don't see how this alignment could work at all in a party, as the character would be too tempted to murder the party). These people just kill, and kill and kill some more. Then they'll go and spread a plague, curse a kingdom, then kill some more. Ex. A psychopathic murderer, or Demon.