The Carlosian Dream Project

Part Eight

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NOTE: At the time of it's revelation, this appears to be the prologue segment, or the begining of this dream saga.

The Dark Alley

The Dark Alley is still, quiet, and undisturbed.

A light moisture, coats the pavement, making the place damp, and sleek looking.

A lone street lamp, flickers, as it's mercury filament cracks and wains.

Finally, the tired street lamp sparks, and dies as the darkness consumes the dark alley.
The only light, comming from the outside street, giving a partial glow of twilight to half of the alley.
The other half is in darkness.

A lone figure stands in the darkness and enters the shadow.

Standing between the Darkness and the Twilight the trench coat clad figure stands quietly, silent against the peaceful darkness.

The Baron of Darkness has entered the Dark Alley.

BaronCarlos stands alone, as always.
The shadows cast from his Black Fedora Hat cover his face in darkness, leaving his identity an enigma.

Carlos waits patiently, for Destiny to play her hand.

A whisper from the Darkness alerts Baron Carlos, the forces of the light have made a move, and it is time for the Dark Knight to react.

With his black trench coat billowing behind him, the dark figure races into the realm of grey.

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